Resource Planing
Resource Planing

Service Engineer Management

You can effectively plan the work of personnel by monitoring and analyzing the workload of specialists in the slit of time periods, departments and works (orders for MOR), and correctly set priorities for tasks according to their labor intensity.

The problem is the interaction of technological and repair personnel. This problem is especially acute in the allocation of repair shops, but do not think that a single shop for technological and repair personnel will solve this problem. In a single shop, problems are silenced and solved individually by the shop manager.

To solve these problems requires a solution similar to that used in Western service companies: the division of employees responsible for interaction with technological units – customers of repair work, and employees responsible for repairs. In this case, the employee responsible for interaction with the production must have authority in the field of budget allocation and work planning. And the executor is responsible for high-quality execution of the order for work according to the received task.

System functionality:

  • Inserting of planned and actual labor intensity in the applications on MRO for each specialist
  • Automated generation of labor intensity for orders on MRO
  • Creation of reports on the workload of staff in different slits


  • Analysis of labor intensity

The Smart EAM software package provides several approaches to the organization of service management.

  • Automatic application scheduling system. The system appoints responsible specialists to troubleshoot. In case of malfunctions there is an automatic notification of the responsible person and formation of the application for elimination of malfunction.
  • Selection of the application by repair personnel. Notification of the need for repair work is sent to repair personnel. Workers choose the application independently.
  • Introduction of the position of maintenance manager, who with the help of the tools of the Smarteam complex distributes applications among repair personnel.