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INTERPIPE STEEL introduces the mobile maintenance application


Interpipe continues to actively develop the system of technical maintenance and repair of equipment (PM). INTERPIPE STEEL has become a pioneer of innovations, where at present the work of a mobile application from SmartEAM, integrated with PMO, is being introduced.
To work with the application, QR codes were placed on the territory of the plant on 800 equipment nodes, with a focus on CCM No. 1. By clicking on the QR code, employees can quickly get information about the equipment, its condition, the actual values ​​of the control parameters. For example, you can see the date of the last repair and the parameters for monitoring the condition of the unit. It is also possible to promptly make comments on the operation of the equipment. In the future, the application will enable the transition from paper aggregate magazines to electronic form.


TORO – IT module, which collects information about the condition of equipment, downtime, staff comments. Based on these data, the maintenance department can predict the time of failure of the unit, which allows more efficient planning of repair work. The system is also a tool for organizing the work of the repair service: the “tree” of equipment for each unit is stored here, the condition of the nodes is analyzed, applications for the purchase of spare parts are issued and repair schedules are planned.


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