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Maintenance manager? What role and what is responsible


What does a service manager do? What are their responsibilities? What skills do you need to be a good service manager? How does technology affect their daily workflow?
The marketing team needs a marketing manager. A retail store needs a store manager. The maintenance department needs a maintenance manager.

The responsibilities of maintenance managers vary according to the nature of the particular business. However, they usually involve planning and directing general maintenance work and coordinating responsibilities with maintenance managers to ensure that the work is done in a timely and safe manner.

Maintenance managers must recruit, train and develop maintenance personnel while working to maintain a positive, team-centered environment focused on providing high quality, safe and efficient maintenance services.

KPIs include uptime, budget adherence, schedule adherence, and safety metrics (such as number or incidents).

The main problem many maintenance managers face is how to explain the added value of maintenance work to senior management. According to the data, more than 60% of top managers still view maintenance as a purely costly part.

This is a big issue because it is the direct reason why many maintenance managers are forced to work on a very tight budget and compromise on the overall quality of work that their department can do. This is sad because a well-organized maintenance team that does not have to make compromises can bring a lot of competitive advantages to a firm by ensuring high uptime of assets, maintaining a good brand image, and preventing and eliminating technical difficulties that can have serious negative the impact on the performance of their facility.

Answers from service specialists to such questions:

  • What are the biggest constraints in your job as a maintenance manager?

Budget, time, personnel, work with old equipment, lack of historical data, lack of transparency, inventory of spare parts, senior management is not interested in implementing preventive procedures

  • What skills are most important for a maintenance manager?

Organizational skills, the ability to see the big picture, people skills

  • What are your biggest concerns as a maintenance manager?

Track ongoing maintenance work, extinguish fires, find time to complete day-to-day tasks without distracting employees and operators, team communication with other departments, personnel issues (staff turnover), optimizing maintenance strategies to ensure maximum uptime at the lowest cost, find a balance between micromanagement and no intervention, familiarize everyone with technology and use it consistently, provide accurate historical data to solve problems, budget resources for wide (seasonal) equipment use.

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