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How to implement a system of asset management (EAM)


How to implement a system of asset management (EAM)

In our time, it is difficult to find a company that has no competitors. To stay on the market, you need to constantly look for mechanisms to improve competitiveness. One of the most effective actions in this regard is the implementation of the enterprise asset management system. Its use involves either reducing the cost of maintenance, repair and logistics without reducing the level of reliability, or increasing the production parameters of the equipment without increasing costs. Introducing the selected system, the owner of the enterprise, of course, expects to get an economic effect. And what is his disappointment when the project on the implementation of the system is completed, but there is no effect … There are many reasons for this: lack of desire / motivation to learn how to work in the new system from the personnel of the enterprise; insufficient provision of users of the system with workplaces; high cost of the product and problems with financing its implementation; lack of flexibility of the system itself; insufficient orientation of the system to the customer and inadequate technical support from the supplier; poor organization of the system implementation process from both the customer and the supplier, etc.

Among the circumstances that determine the success or failure of the system implementation, there are those that the owner of the enterprise can influence in the course of the project (internal factors), but there are others that should be considered before choosing the system. In order for the implementation process to be easy and eventually lead to an economic effect, it is necessary to take all these circumstances into account.

As for internal factors, whatever system you choose, there is little that can be done without result-oriented users. Hiring temporary specialists does not solve the problem, since the process of implementing the system is lengthy and it begins to have an effect only after entering the necessary information into it. Therefore, the main users of the system should be employees of the enterprise itself, motivated and provided with jobs. Relationships should also be established with the support service of the software vendor.
But there are significant factors affecting the implementation process, which depend on the supplier and the system itself. Known and common software product may be too expensive for the enterprise. The “star disease” factor of the supplier may also work, when insufficient technical support and low customer orientation lead to the fact that it is not the program created for the enterprise, but the enterprise adapts to the acquired system. This, as a rule, is very painfully perceived by staff; the implementation process takes more time, and some important features of the enterprise are ignored and not taken into account. Also, the cost factor is triggered when, at the completion of the system implementation project, the enterprise, in order to save money, refuses to be supported by the supplier. As a result, the implemented system becomes obsolete over time, as it no longer takes into account changes in the market and new advanced techniques. Therefore, when choosing a system, it should be borne in mind that there are other, less “promoted” suppliers of similar solutions on the market who seek to overcome the shortcomings of other systems, take into account the peculiarities of the local market and legislation, are customer-oriented, offer more qualified technical support and are ready to adapt the system features of a particular enterprise.

The conclusion suggests itself: you should take very seriously the initial choice of the supplier / system in order to minimize the negative impact on the implementation process of those factors that are not subject to adjustment by the enterprise / customer’s own efforts.

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