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“5 reasons why it is important for enterprises to implement EAM-style management”


The information age or the era of computers – this is how you can characterize our modernity, which concerns not only everyday life, but also business. Today, for any enterprise it is very important to constantly monitor all processes for managing production and the ability to have a single information picture that will allow for effective management of all processes. For this purpose, the EAM system is an IT solution that helps:

  • improve equipment reliability
  • reduce the cost of its maintenance and repair
  • to improve production parameters of equipment without increasing cost

This system is based on Western innovative methodologies – RCM (reliability centered maintenance) and PdM (predictive maintenance).

Especially important point is the solution of the problem of maintenance and repair maintenance (MRO). It is the EAM-system, the basic task of which is the complete accumulation of information during the entire life cycle of equipment, makes it possible to analyze and use the data in a timely manner. This approach to full automated centralization of data and avoiding the use of paper registers helps to reduce the time for processing information and makes it possible to use it quickly.

Thus, the need for this system in the modern realities of doing business is incredibly high. Let’s look at 5 main advantages.

Reduced maintenance costs for equipment

You do not have to replace the nodes or hardware elements based only on the PPR plan, as it was before. As the system wears out, the system not only notifies the problem of the problem itself, but also helps to formulate the requisite orders for the purchase of spare parts, chooses the most optimal terms for carrying out repair work, allocating the required number of performers from the available number of technical production services, and / or offers to attract third-party specialized organization.

Reduced downtime

The system forms requests (registered requirements) received from various sources (from the PPR plan, from the inspection plan, from unscheduled repair outages, from staff comments) for the performance of preventive, repair and other works at OPF facilities (fixed production assets). Consolidation of MRO orders is carried out for the operational planning of repair work performed in a single time frame with a view to minimizing equipment downtime.

With the integrated data collection system, EAM fixes all deviations in the operation of the equipment, and this allows pre-predict failures and timely receipt of spare parts for warehouses, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of the enterprise.

внедрение системы EAM

Reduction of frozen assets

There is no need to store spare parts and service equipment that you can not use for years. The order of goods and materials will be carried out strictly according to the need of MRO, due to the system failure prediction system, i.e. refusal.

Full interaction of staff and equipment

Each employee has the ability to keep up-to-date information about the state of the equipment and promptly make changes and comments. According to research in 100 Ukrainian companies, about 70% of the disruptions in the execution of orders are due to the dissynchronization of equipment and personnel.

Mobility and common information space

Wherever you are, you always have the opportunity to check what is happening in the company at the moment and in what condition the main production assets.

The EAM system is intended for use by management and staff of enterprises as a tool for managing all business processes of the Fund. Thus, you receive complete and reliable information about what is happening with your equipment. Data collection and production management is carried out in real time, including using tablets and smartphones.

The system will provide invaluable assistance to the management and employees of the company, making the structure of production assets “transparent”.

Thus, using the system for reliable operation of SmartEAM equipment in your work, you can multiply the income and work efficiency, significantly reducing the costs of your business.

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