Risk Management (RBM)

Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) is a modern maintenance approach involving the assessment of equipment risks. It prioritizes maintenance resources towards assets whose potential failure is associated with the highest risks. Risks are understood as all possible losses incurred by the asset owner.

RBM allows technicians to determine the most reasonable way to use the limited resources allocated to MRO, so as to minimize the risks of failure across the enterprise. In fact, maintenance itself is a risk management process.

Risk management principles are applied using the risk matrix assessing the impact of each management job on:

  • The probability of an equipment failure;
  • The consequences (risks) of an equipment failure.

SmartEAM implements cutting-edge maintenance methodologies using the RBM approach.

The system functionality ensures:

  • Failure logging;
  • Registration of failure causes;
  • Estimating the consequences of failures.

The logic of RCM-analysis allows to determine the optimal strategy for equipment maintenance, taking into account the following factors:

  • Health and life hazards;
  • Environmental hazards;
  • Production losses;
  • Reputational losses.

SmartEAM tools help to assess the results of risk mitigation measures:

  • Initial and residual integral (total) risk;
  • Initial and residual financial risk.

The results of decision-making are assessed according to the following scale:

  • Critical
  • Dangerous;
  • Acceptable.