Master Data Managеment
Master Data Managеment

Maintenance cards (SOP)

You can create maintenance cards with standard operating procedures for MRO operations.

They will include:

  • List of operations;
  • Operating procedures;
  • Safety measures;
  • Number of technicians and their qualifications;
  • Material quantity;
  • List of tools, service equipment and protective equipment;
  • Control values of monitored parameters.

System functionality:

  • Creating maintenance cards bound to equipment models. Maintenance cards are used to manage scheduled, preventive, emergency and other jobs to ensure equipment uptime;
  • Adding rates and standards (norms) for:

    • Labor intensity and staff qualifications;
    • Materials;
    • Tool and equipment utilization;
    • Protective equipment.
  • Creating rates and standards (norms) for each operation or the whole maintenance card;
  • In case of using maintenance cards for work requests, the system automatically plans resource requirements for each maintenance operation.


  • Maintenance cards with data about labor intensity, material requirements, tools and service equipment;
  • Automated planning of labor intensity, material requirements, tool and equipment utilization;
  • Automated resource planning for work requests.