Mobile solution

The use of mobile technologies in enterprises is a convenience, operational planning in the execution of the repair program. For maintenance personnel - convenient data entry on the spot and at the time of work; all necessary information is always at hand; control over the execution of tasks; operational monitoring of key management indicators

Organization of inspections of equipment from SmartEAM

A convenient way to monitor the important indicators of equipment in the enterprise. Mobile application allows you to quickly enter data on the state of the equipment. For whom: personnel working with equipment: operators, equipment maintenance specialists. The head of the division also receives a summary of the results of work in the form of a dashboard, protocol, control sheet. Available application work in offline mode, without being tied to the Internet, to be able to work anytime, anywhere.

Digital equipment control

QR code is placed on each equipment for quick access to equipment. A task for marking equipment automatically creates a record in the system stating that a piece of equipment must be marked. After identifying the artist, the system automatically prints the QR tag. After that, the system displays that this piece of equipment is marked.