Innovative tools and technologies

The world is changing very quickly and we are already developing solutions whose need will be in a few years. For any modern enterprise working in conditions of uncertainty and risk, there is a problem of survival, ensuring continuity of development. Technologies are the basis for successful innovation and a factor in the long-term competitiveness of an enterprise. Innovation affects: • opportunity to have sustainable technological leadership • create barriers to entry of new enterprises to the market • technology change reduces costs The transition to new technologies causes, in addition to the benefits of using the technologies themselves, an innovative added effect and the possibility of differentiation A company that clearly represents the potential of the technology can determine (a possible shortage of raw materials, the unfavorable development of energy prices, stricter environmental requirements). To maintain competitiveness, most enterprises are forced and planning to introduce technologies. Below is a demonstration of innovative technologies from SmartEAM:

3D Real-Time Model (AR) from SmartEAM

Displays the actual process using the 3D hardware model

Augmented reality (AR). Augmented Reality Features from SmartEAM

To obtain data on the condition of the equipment you need to be near the control panel? Not! . Just scan the QR code that can be placed directly on the equipment, or in an accessible place near it.

SmartEAM & Google Glass – maintenance of equipment at a distance

Thanks to Google Glass and the new communication capabilities of SmartEAM, you can take the help of a specialist in repairing your equipment from a distance.

Google Glass – real applying in EAM systems

Google Glass – usage example from SmartEAM. The new application from SmartEAM will allow you to easily create applications for maintenance and repair of equipment, as well as view all the necessary information and all previously created applications for it. All you need is Google Glass glasses and a QR code that identifies the equipment.

Control of equipment performance in augmented reality (AR)

Now it is easy to check the indicators of the equipment, you only need to scan the QR-code with your smartphone or tablet!