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Механитех 2020

SmartEAM the main sponsor Mechanitech 2020


MECHANITEH is a meeting of technical managers and specialists on improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance services of equipment and internal infrastructure of industrial enterprises, measures to reduce downtime in production facilities and improving the quality of equipment repair at enterprises.

Within two days, the participants in the event were expected to have seven thematic sessions, at least 8 hours for meetings, negotiations, exchange of experience and networking, as well as discussions and consultations.

Project Manager Kirill Kostanetsky made a presentation on Predictive Maintenance. He talked about how the reactive and predictive approaches differ, how many readings per minute the SmartEAM system on Interpipe monitors and how many accidents were avoided in 6 months.


Every year, there are more and more participants and this year the event was attended by more than 150 specialists associated with the operation and repair of equipment.

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