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SmartEAM – the general sponsor of the conference Mechaniteh 2019


SmartEAM became the general sponsor of the Mechanitech Conference Workshop (February 20-21)

The annual conference “Mechanitech” introduces modern technologies, scientific and technical developments, tools and materials in the field of mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Important components of the workshop are the exchange of experience and the discussion of innovations in the diagnosis and repair of equipment.

We are talking about modern methods of equipment diagnostics and industrial buildings, new products for equipment repair, scientific developments in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering and the practice of their implementation, features of technology, operation and equipment.

The conference includes presentations by leaders of leading IT and industrial enterprises in the country on the subject of service management tools, integrated solutions, production features, consumables and personnel management.

The practical part is real cases, which top managers in engineering, mechanics, information technologies share.

The SmartEAM project manager, Kirill Kostanetsky, gave a presentation on Industry 4.0 case studies in equipment maintenance management. It is about predictive maintenance (Predictive Maintenance. AI) for predicting accidents, virtual and augmented reality (AR \ VR), as well as optimizing equipment maintenance with Google Glass smart glasses.

“Ensuring reliable operation of equipment in production is a must of the era of Industry 4.0. It is important to understand that even with old equipment we can supply the necessary devices with which it will work many times more efficiently, ”Kirill Kostanetsky gave a comment.

The dialogue between managers and specialists, competitors and partners, advanced and small enterprises is always a mutually beneficial synergy for the growth and development of the country.

Механитех 2019 Гугл Гласс конференция Механитех


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