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We plan equipment repairs in automatic mode


Since 2016, the INTERPIPE plants have been introducing an automatic system for maintenance and repair of equipment (PM). The system allows you to monitor equipment operation online, reduce planned and emergency downtime due to preventive diagnostics.

To date, data on more than 11 thousand pieces of equipment have been entered into the maintenance system.

The equipment catalog is organized as follows: first, top-level equipment, for example, a mill. He signs for the components – firmware, calibration units, etc. Each of them, in turn, is at the nodes. Each node has its own repair map. For example, there is a gearbox, specialists paint on it the number of bearings, bushings, couplings. Every detail has a story: when it was installed, replaced for the last time, or repaired.

Also, routine data for each part is entered into the system. Based on these data, the system “reminds” the responsible specialist when and what kind of monitoring should be carried out. Helps to structure tasks and plan a working day for their implementation. For example, measure the vibration level, thickness or temperature of a part, etc.

In the module, the entire equipment tree is built. Based on the data received from sensors or entered by specialists, the system accumulates information about the state of each node, equipment downtime, personnel comments, analyzes the data and predicts when the part will fail. A reasonable forecast allows you to replace the part in a timely manner, that is, on the one hand, to prevent breakage, and on the other hand, to maximize the use of the resource of the part, which saves money.


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