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INTERPIPE EXPERIENCE – What are the advantages of the maintenance system?


INTERPIPE EXPERIENCE – What are the advantages of the system?

Maintenance is a modern tool for organizing the work of the repair service and allows you to perform basic functions in a single information space, such as equipment inspection, maintenance, statistics accumulation and analysis, planning of current and overhauls, issuing applications for the purchase of goods and materials.

While working in the maintenance department, an employee can get information about the current state of the equipment, track the dynamics of its change, analyze the presence of complaints and determine the feasibility of the implementation and scope of repairs. Thus, the prepared repair plan allows you to determine all the necessary inventory materials, find out about their availability and issue applications for the purchase of the missing ones. Also, the system allows not only to plan repairs and purchase goods and materials, but also reminds repair personnel to plan it for a certain date, taking into account the timing of the preparation of all necessary measures for its implementation.

Previously, all information was stored on paper or in the head of an employee performing repair work. If such a person changed jobs, then the data turned out to be lost. Now everything is being transferred to electronic format.

Another advantage of the system is the ability to store drawings in a structured electronic form with reference to the equipment tree. Now, if it is necessary to replace goods and materials according to the drawing, you need to either go to the archive to find the drawing, or search with colleagues. Now the drawings will be available to everyone, it will only be enough to find this node or inventory in the PM.

On average, the Company generates more than 750 requests for maintenance and repair per week. The issuance of applications through maintenance will allow you to link the declared and delivered goods and materials to the warehouse for a specific repair. That provides traceability of the remains of inventories and allows to reduce illiquid stocks.

We plan repairs rationally

The process of adding equipment information to the PM is ongoing. Working groups have been created at the promotions. Maintenance specialists are responsible for training, audit of the correspondence of workplaces of employees working in the maintenance system; they are working to ensure that the system is bser friendly, form a technical specification for the creation of new processes in the system.

Due to preventive diagnostics, the number of downtimes decreased from 24% to 19%

The accident rate, for example, in the production of railway wheels decreased from 2% of the working time to 0.3%. The amount of emissions in wheeled production from 2000 wheels per year dropped to 300. The overall efficiency of the equipment increased by 10-15%.

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