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Cloud SmartEAM implementation

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Now it has become easier and more convenient to use functions for equipment maintenance. All the functionality that is included in the “Maintenance” module is shown in the video below:

Characteristics and goals that the service allows to achieve:

  • Implement a more comprehensive, pro-active and responsive equipment management strategy
  • Increase equipment uptime and efficiency to reduce operating costs
  • To make business processes in the company more flexible, with the ability to quickly adapt along with new requirements and opportunities
  • Reduce costs and increase labor productivity up to 40%
  • Raise awareness and control over your assets to improve inventory management, increase security, and achieve regulatory compliance
  • To increase staff productivity and personal interest, as employees visually see the results of their actions
  • To justify the necessary stocks and reduce them to reasonable limits, without freezing funds by purchasing excess spare parts and reducing the cost of their storage


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