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Kirill Kostanetsky, SmartEAM Project Manager, spoke at the XXV Business Forum IT-Enterprise


Kirill Kostanetsky, SmartEAM project manager, spoke at the XXV IT-Enterprise Business Forum “Industry 4.0 – The Future is Now” with a report on the management of equipment maintenance in Industry 4.0 cases.

It is about Predictive Maintenance, or predictive equipment maintenance, that now is one of the main technologies in Industry 4.0. Modern factories and plants do not stop for a second, and every equipment failure is not only funds for repairs, but also loss of production volumes, dead times and huge lost profits.

The methodology of predictive maintenance, which appeared for the first time in aviation, makes it possible not only to reduce such failures, but also to completely avoid equipment stops, ensuring the optimum mode of its operation. Kirill Kostanetsky spoke about the most trendy methods of equipment maintenance and Predictive Maintenance cases at # ITEforum2019.

They also talked about the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality AR \ VR, optimizing equipment maintenance with #GoogleGlass and much more.


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