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What technologies will be have for industrial enterprises?


Interview of the head of SmartEAM, Kirill Kostanetsky, about the 4th industrial revolution, its cause and meaning, as well as about the trends in the world, what technological solutions will be relevant and in demand in the near future.

Internet of things. There is integration with equipment sensors, automatic removal of information from the machine, the ability to track the reliability indicators of how and how much the equipment produces.

Virtualization or digital twin technology. With the help of these technologies, we can display updated information. For example, coming to the installation, in the virtual world, we can see how much it worked without stopping, what problems it had previously, what work is planned and spare parts are used. In this case, there is no need to memorize, record, information is stored in databases.

Smart Device. It can be Smart watches, bracelets, which quickly notify about what is happening and serve as additional security at production facilities. Augmented reality glasses, Google Glass – we see more information about objects than our eyes can see. Virtual reality helmets when the border between the real world disappears.

Technologies of the 4th industrial revolution are changing the approach to business.

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