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Experience of Donbasenergo. How to increase the reliability of fixed assets


The first stage of implementation of the SmartEAM system at the Slavic TPP – done!

The issue of automation of maintenance and repair processes (MRO) of the Slavyanskaya TPP in 2019 passed into the category of priority tasks of the Donbassenergo company. The natural obsolescence of the main production assets of TPPs, which celebrated the 65th anniversary last year, led to an increase in the number of breakdowns and malfunctioning equipment. As a result, the costs of its support increased.

During the year, the first stage of the project was implemented at SlavTES. To automate business processes related to MRO, an EAM system (Entreprise Assets Management) was used. The implemented module of station resource management and statistical analysis will help reduce the number of restoration repairs. Scheduled preventive repairs (current, medium, capital) are already planned, based on the timing of the equipment. Based on the available statistics on scheduled preventive repairs, the economic feasibility of using this or that equipment is determined and a decision is made to continue the operation of the old or purchase new equipment.

The introduction of a unified automated management system provides an increase in the return on production assets per unit of invested capital, and also improves the overall efficiency of business management. In general, the risk of station accidents is reduced, equipment reliability is increased, unplanned downtimes are reduced, and labor costs are reduced.

The final – second stage of the implementation of the maintenance and repair module at the Slavyanskaya TPP is planned to be completed during the second quarter of 2020.


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