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NTERPIPE STEEL: QR codes and online monitoring using sensors


INTERPIPE STEEL: QR codes and online monitoring using sensors

The plant began to implement a maintenance system last year. During this time, information was provided on 2 thousand 169 pieces of equipment. There are 23 thousand sensors at INTERPIPE STEEL, of which 2 thousand monitor the condition of the equipment.

2.5 million readings are processed per minute in the PM.

One of the goals in the near future is to create a neural network from sensors, so as not only to record the fact of non-working equipment, but also to understand the reason by the combination of signals. As quickly as possible, without equipment bypasses, but through information from the maintenance.

Maintenance Maintenance Specialist:

– The implementation of the project on INTERPIPE STEEL and INTERPIPE WORMET began at the end of August 2017 and lasted a year. Last September, maintenance tasks became our operations.

Head of repair and analysis department:

“Of course, planning repairs using the PM system is much easier.” For example, there are 25 pull-right modules on CCM-1, and 20 on CCM-2. All modules are located close to each other, it’s hard to approach them. Sensors record and monitor their condition.


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