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Where to start to use Google Glass Enterprise Edition in the industry?

SmartEAM ,

Google Glass Partner Development Pack for AR Development

In the near future, augmented reality (AR) will be becoming the standard for industrial enterprises – IT-Enterprise purchased smart glasses and joined the Google partner program to use their functionality. In particular, for SmartEAM for the maintenance of basic production assets.

The Google Glass Partner Development Pack allows you to create applications for smart glasses, for example, for:

  • Receive jobs and urgent messages to the device
  • Remote monitoring of works and technical assistance in their implementation
  • Shooting of work on especially important objects
  • Record and use video instructions
  • Read barcode and QR codes
  • Tooltips
  • Other

If you are faced with similar tasks – we are ready to help solve them using Google Glass.

You can find out more here:

And also here:  IT-Enterprise

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