Resource management
Resource management

Procurement management

To manage procurement in the "Maintenance" system from IT-Enterprise, a separate business process "Procurement under the order of maintenance" is provided.

You get the opportunity to buy all the necessary commodities and materials in time, thanks to the qualitative planning of purchases both for individual works and thanks to the centralized planning on the enterprise at whole. The system also carries out an analysis of the stability of consumption and reliability of supply of goods and materials, which allows predicting the optimal order time for each item of the order.

System functionality:

  • Formation of orders for commodities and materials, necessary for MRO, based on data received from the departments.
  • Formation of purchase requisitions under MRO, taking into account the delivery cycle of goods and materials
  • Centralized formation of consolidated bids for commodities and materials


  • Orders for commodities and materials for MRO from departments for each application for maintenance
  • Formation of a single application for commodities and materials
  • Formation of a target, emergency stock of goods and materials

The system provides the possibility of forming applications for the purchase of goods and materials in terms of maintenance orders, according to maintenance plans and applications that are formed in advance. At the same time, as the date of the beginning of repair is known, there is an opportunity to declare goods and materials necessary for repair according to their standard cycle of purchase.