Asset Performance Managment
Asset Performance Managment

Manage requests and works

You get an opportunity to increase the operational efficiency of the company's divisions through better coordination of work, quality planning and reducing labor costs for repair planning. You will be able to monitor the preparation, execution and completion of work, take into account the workload of personnel, carry out a cost analysis for maintenance, and repair to identify inefficiently used equipment.

System functionality:

  • Formation applications for MRO of repair objects included in the catalog of equipment of the enterprise
  • Binding applications for MRO to the equipment maintenance cards
  • The definition of labour-intensiveness with the indication of specialists who will work on the application (you can extract information on labour-intensiveness out of the maintenance cards)
  • Possibility of analyzing the history of problems encountered with equipment
  • Increase responsiveness and ease of use by means of a mobile application
  • Automatic generation of applications for MRO based on the work schedule or MRO schedule


  • The complex of applications for MRO containing consolidated applications of the whole enterprise with the possibility of their groupment and selection according to various criteria
  • Forming of applications for MRO and linking them to daughter applications
  • Control of work execution