Resource Planing
Resource Planing

Inventory Management

In the business process of inventory management of goods and materials in the system "TORO" from IT-Enterprise provides management of the formation of emergency stock and target stock.

Emergency stock of goods and materials is formed for particularly responsible spare parts, the lack of which can significantly increase the downtime of the main equipment and lead to a significant reduction in output. The IT-Enterprise system provides for the formation and maintenance of emergency stock of goods for repairs.

The functionality of the system provides:

  • formation in IT-Enterprise of the list and quantity on each position of the emergency stock of goods and materials approved at the enterprise;
  • formation of emergency stock of goods and materials at the enterprise.
  • write-off of goods and materials included in the emergency list, under the current application of maintenance.
  • replenishment of emergency stock as the use of goods and materials.

Stock of goods and materials of stable consumption (target stock of goods and materials).

The target stock is formed on the basis of the analysis of consumption of goods and materials for the previous periods.
This avoids the influence of the human factor in the process of logistics of maintenance through the formation of applications based on the analysis of available stocks and consumption statistics of goods and materials. In the system, automatically each type of goods and materials belongs to the category corresponding to the intensity of consumption. Using the formed categories the formation of stocks is carried out.