Machine vision

Machine vision in maintenance: effective troubleshooting

Machine vision is one of the main technologies of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Machine vision automatically captures and analyzes images of physical objects or phenomena. Business uses machine vision more widely - to improve product quality and predict equipment accidents in the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry and more. According to analysts, the entire Machine Vision market will reach more than $ 19 billion by 2027.

What are the benefits of machine vision?

Machine vision has become popular in working with equipment, as companies have faced the following challenges:

  • professionals are expensive
  • people are wrong
  • data like order
  • safety above all

    The main advantage of machine vision is the ability (in advance or in fact) to detect anomalies. Algorithms analyze new images, compare them with previous ones and report problems on production lines. This is useful not only for equipment, but also for products: when you need to check a large number of items on the line, machine vision is also the best solution.

    System functionality:

  • product quality control using machine vision,
  • use of machine vision to monitor and diagnose the operation of equipment.

An example of finding surface defects using machine vision.