Implementation experience

SmartEAM has expertise, more than 5 years of experience in the development and implementation of equipment maintenance automation in the implementation.

Several cases:

- KNESS is a Ukrainian group of companies of international level, which develops technologies and implements projects of traditional and renewable energy. KNESS Service is a service and operational service company for solar power plants and high-voltage substations. The company provides the service "Full Service" - a full range of work, ensuring uninterrupted, safe and maximum efficient operation

Task: to systematize the business process of service maintenance of almost 50 photovoltaic power plants; improve the approach to work planning with maintenance and eliminate crashes.

Solution: A hierarchical catalog of equipment for all stations was built and an archive of technical documentation was organized; Parameters of equipment operational statistics are monitored and an electronic defect log is maintained; The current maintenance of the FES is carried out using the maintenance maps where the operational technology of operations is fully described; Planning and write-off of materials for work is carried out with reference to a specific job and equipment.

- Interpipe - Ukrainian industrial company, a manufacturer of seamless and welded pipes and railway products. The company is in the TOP 10 of the world's largest exporters of seamless pipes, as well as being the third largest producer of solid-rolled railway wheels. The geography of the company's sales is well diversified. Products are delivered to 80 countries of the world through a network of trade offices located in key markets of the CIS, the Middle East, North America and Europe.

Task: Implement equipment diagnostic system; Apply the approach of predictive, predictive maintenance of equipment.

Solution: The ratio of technical readiness of equipment increased with the load doubled; OEE improved 10-15%; Maintenance costs decreased by more than 20% per ton of output; Inventory inventories decreased by 10%; Reduced repair downtime

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