Methodology RCM

RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) – is a maintenance service aimed at ensuring the reliability of the equipment. A methodology that enables an enterprise to optimize its asset maintenance and repair program.

The RCM methodology originates in the development of an aviation maintenance program for a new generation of aircraft before commissioning. As a result, optimal methods were developed for the development of maintenance and repair programs for new assets, especially integrated equipment, for which there is no data available.

The RCM methodology pays continuous attention to maintenance activities that have a big impact on performance. Everything spent on maintenance is spent on quality production.

In addition, if the RCM methodology was correctly implemented in equipment maintenance, the amount of routine work carried out after a specified period is reduced by 40% -70% (maintenance tasks are performed cyclically). Extension of the life cycle of expensive equipment is carried out thanks to precisely prioritized maintenance as it is.

Increased motivation of employees, especially those who are involved in the RCM analysis process. This leads to a significant improvement in the overall understanding of the operation of the equipment in the production context, together with a deeper degree of participation in solving maintenance problems.

The main feature of the RCM methodology is that it provides the enterprise with an effective step-by-step decision-making system and involves all specialists who are somehow involved in the operation of the equipment

The RCM methodology gives quick results. If the priorities are set correctly and the RCM analysis is carried out correctly, then everything pays off in a matter of months. The results of the analysis are converted into exact requirements for the maintenance of production assets used by the organization, and in the conditions in which the support group will work. As a result, maintenance becomes more cost-effective, well-coordinated and successful.

RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) - maintenance, aimed at ensuring the reliability of equipment

The essence of the RCM methodology is reduced to the automated control of the technical efficiency, safety and efficiency of equipment operation after a detailed analysis of the initial data.