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SmartEAM implementation on Odeskabel


The Odeskabel plant specializes in the production of telecommunication cables. The Odessa Cable Plant has mastered and produces a wide range of copper and fiber-optic communication cables, radio frequency, as well as digital or LAN cables that are in demand in recent decades, the range of which is the widest in the EU countries. In addition, PJSC “Odeskabel” offers its customers power cables, wires and cords for various purposes.

The enterprise continues to develop successfully, master new directions and occupies leading positions in them.

We are glad to announce that IT-Enterprise and SmartEAM are launching a digitalization project with the Odessa Cable Plant.

The main goals of Odeskabel are to improve the quality of information for management decisions through integration with shop equipment, as well as to improve economic performance through reengineering and implementation of modern management processes. To achieve these goals, products in the Industry 4.0 concept will be introduced: SmartFactory, Enterprise Asset Management using Reliability-Centered Maintenance (predictive maintenance of equipment based on reliability, RCM) and DigitalTwins (augmented and virtual reality, IIoT).


In general, what results does Odeskabel plan to achieve:

  • to increase the production volumes due to the production planning per second;
  • improve the quality of customer service due to the accuracy of deadlines and an increase in the proportion of orders shipped on time;
  • start to quickly control production costs;
  • improve the quality level of products and find hidden reserves to reduce costs;
  • improve the reliability of the equipment through the use of predictive techniques.

Repair management objectives:

  • increase production volumes by reducing inefficient downtime due to equipment malfunctions
  • increase the reaction rate of the repair service in the event of equipment failure
  • build a control system for equipment to perform the optimal amount of work on equipment maintenance
  • simplify the work of employees using mobile devices and QR codes on equipment
  • to improve the reliability of equipment operation through the use of predictive techniques

At the moment Odeskabel and SmartEAM are going through the modeling process, that is, the description of detailed repair management tasks.

We plan to implement:

Calculation and analysis of equipment downtime with the help of which it is possible to optimize production processes by reducing downtime, choosing the optimal work schedule and planning maintenance for operating time by analyzing the technical availability factor (CTG), equipment utilization factor (KIO) and equipment operating time.
Equipment efficiency ratio calculation is a system for analyzing the overall efficiency of the equipment, designed to control and improve production efficiency and based on the measurement and processing of specific production indicators.
Requests for equipment maintenance and repairs – an opportunity to increase the operational efficiency of enterprise divisions through better coordination of work, high-quality planning and reduction of labor costs for planning repairs.
Planning of mobile bypasses and equipment diagnostics – the process of bypassing equipment is carried out using smartphones. By diagnosing equipment and detecting accidents at early stages of their development, the number and duration of emergency downtime and the cost of repairs are reduced.
Analysis of the root causes of equipment failures RCA – each request with the sign of “Emergency”, when moving through the stages, passes the stage of RCA analysis, in which the root cause of the failure is determined. The analysis results allow the development of maintenance and repair strategies.
Planning maintenance schedules.

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