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SMMS and EAM: differences and what is common?


When searching for computerized maintenance management systems, terms such as Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) are often understood to mean the same thing.

This article will help you figure out what the differences and what is common between these systems.

Software solutions such as CMMS use electronic databases on maintenance operations, when planning maintenance work and keeping records of work performed. CMMS systems can improve the efficiency of both personnel and production assets, allow you to make operational decisions based on available information, and the like.

EAM is optimal in terms of managing the life cycle of organizations ’material assets. Includes business aspects such as operations, maintenance and decommissioning / equipment replacement, technical design.

At one time, CMMS and EAM were considered as completely different maintenance management solutions. To explain the main differences between CMMS and EAM, let us recall how the CMMS system was created 30 years ago, and then we will discuss how these systems evolved from software functionality to a “philosophy” of service.

History of CMMS and EAM systems

CMMS systems were introduced to the market for the first time in the early 80s; they allowed replacing manual maintenance planning processes with computerized ones, namely:

  • Management of applications and orders for MOT
  • Managing the stock of spare parts in stock
  • Preventive maintenance planning
  • Asset history

EAM systems appeared later, namely in the 90s. Software was developed that combines the basic functions of CMMS systems along with the requirements that corporate organizations put forward and had global initiatives to expand their business. Organizations saw that maintenance was not limited to just one Technical Department. Traditionally, these systems included CMMS plus features:

  • Analysis of the causes of failures
  • Projected service
  • Financial expenses
  • Asset life cycle analysis

CMMS vs. EAM today

In the early 2000s, the Internet appeared. During this time, when technologies evolved, and the requirements of best practices (Best practices), asset management and maintenance management were shifted, the market also required changes in software. CMMS vendors solved the problem and included more reliable reporting and analytical tools to offer a more comprehensive asset management solution. As a result, the difference between CMMS and EAM is not significant. However, in modern technological conditions, the EAM system is marked by a more businesslike approach than a specialized software solution based on CMMS systems.

Today, maintenance plays an important role in companies in all industries, and production equipment is considered to be the most important corporate asset in business. SmartEAM is the result of the successful dissemination of standards, best world practices to ensure reliable operation of your production assets. Our SmartEAM solution is a modern EAM system that provides a wide range of functionality, with the goal of achieving success in servicing a small, medium and large-scale business. A SmartEAM system can be deployed much faster, with less implementation costs, than a traditional CMMS system.

Collaboration of CMMS & EAM systems for the reliability of your equipment

Recall the difference between CMMS and EAM is presented in the form of enhanced functionality of EAM systems for large corporate organizations wishing to standardize processes, manage finances, perform Root Cause analysis, and the like. Thanks to technological advances and improved service excellence, innovative EAM system vendors have expanded the functionality of their software, effectively blurring the lines between CMMS and EAM solutions.

Because corporations understand and define the importance of support globally, EAM systems are marked by a more corporate approach or business philosophy, while CMMS helps organizations realize asset management across an individual enterprise.

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