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What economic effect does Astarta plans to obtain?


As promised in the previous article, we will tell you what priority tasks for the management of regulatory and reference information we plan to implement and what economic effect Astarta plans to obtain.

Priority tasks for managing the reference data

  • Approve classifier groups that require faceted encoding

  • To approve the structure of the classifier of functional places

  • Alternative hierarchies. It is possible to maintain several variants of the equipment hierarchy. Example of a structure for supplying power to equipment by a substation

  • Visual catalogs of equipment. Additionally, you can draw up visual specifications of equipment, which make it easier to select goods and materials for purchase

  • The passport of the repair object, which contains all the characteristics, history and statistics of the operation of this repair object

  • Periodic maintenance standards. The standards of the turnaround period by calendar or operating time of equipment allow you to automatically calculate the plan of the schedule of maintenance

  • Maintenance cards. A sequence of actions is drawn up for each type of service with reference to the materials, tools, equipment and labor intensity standards used, which allows you to plan the necessary resources for service

  • Predictive maintenance technique. A set of controlled parameters is tied to the model of the object of repair, both manually at a certain frequency, and taken automatically from sensors through the IIoT module. Parameter values are divided into zones, and, falling into the yellow zone, the system automatically creates a request for predictive maintenance.

What economic effect does Astarta plans to obtain?

Reducing the volume and costs of maintenance and repair by 6.5-25% due to:

  • Formalized and transparent process of approval of maintenance and repair work, determination of deadlines, measures and responsible persons, control of outstanding work (2-10%)
  • Streamlining of work by optimizing the MRO planning process based on turnover standards, operating time, information on downtime (3-10%)
  • Management decisions based on new opportunities to compare different methods of equipment maintenance, suppliers, contractors, used spare parts (1.5-5%)

Reducing emergency downtime and costs associated with accidents by 10-40% due to:

  • Increase in the share of proactive repairs (maintenance aimed at preventing breakdowns) (5-25%)
  • Reduction of equipment failures due to overdue and “forgotten” works (5-15%)

Reducing the terms of maintenance and repair by 2.5-8% due to:

  • More efficient access to information about equipment (Archive of documents, history of maintenance and repair, etc.) (0.5-3%)
  • Using the knowledge base, history of equipment breakdowns and measures for elimination (2-5%)

“Astarta’s mission is to build a high-tech innovative company and we are pleased to be a part of this process. Our goal in this project is to digitalize equipment maintenance processes using Industry 4.0 technologies,” says Kirill Kostanetsky, SmartEAM project manager.

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