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SmartEAM that was implemented in 2019


2019 for SmartEAM is a year of opportunities, innovations, successful partnerships, access to new markets. The year was saturated with the development of new innovative products, the development of a mobile application; participation in global, industrial, world exhibitions, conferences, where it was possible to demonstrate their solutions to leaders in their industry, as well as foreign partners; Visiting thematic events in order to study the needs and trends of global enterprises; new mutually beneficial partnerships; innovative implementations, work with new projects.

  1. SmartEAM passed the selection and plans to participate in DubaiExpo 2020 from Ukraine
  2. Participation in Hannover Messe is the first Ukrainian company to showcase its solutions in the industrial sector
  3. Transformation Forum – the first in Eastern Europe forum Industry 4.0., Which was held in Kiev on November 22
  4. Partnerships and collaborative demos with Fanuk
  5. The main change and trend – all new SmartEAM customers are sure to use the mobile application, QR codes, online data from the equipment
  6. Augmented reality helmet RealWear HMT-1 with SmartEAM for Interpipe
  7. Work with NFC tags was first put into operation at DonbassEnergo
  8. SmartEAM Mobile Application Development
  9. Cloud SmartEAM implementation
  10. We started using neural networks, anomaly detection algorithms, artificial intelligence and equipment failure prediction

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