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Application of TPM system among world famous manufacturers


The goal of the universal equipment management system (TPM) is to ensure optimal conditions for the operation and use of equipment. The TPM approach is part of the lean manufacturing concept of lean manufacturing. In fact, we are talking about a system that provides the optimal combination of efficient use of production facilities and the cost of maintaining them in good condition by reducing breakdowns and downtime (including readjustment), as well as increasing productivity and improving equipment. The emphasis in this system is on the prevention and early identification of equipment defects that can lead to more serious problems, i.e. TPM involves active participation in the process of improving the use of working equipment of all enterprise services.

Among the world famous manufacturers of various types of products, many successfully use the TPM system:

The Unilever Lipton Brussels Tea Packing Factory is a subsidiary of the Belgian branch of Unilever Best Foods, which produces about 3 billion tea bags per year. The company’s policy is aimed at ensuring that the company always has a leading position in the industry. To achieve this goal, in 1995, the development of TRM began, which led to an increase in the level of industrial culture of all personnel, an increase in output over 6 years by 86%.

Sikishima Bakery Confectionery Factory consists of 10 production units in the administrative regions of Japan. It produces bread, traditional Japanese and Western confectionery products under the well-known in Japan trademarks Pacso and Shikishima, based on the concept of “beauty and health.” TPM began to be established at the enterprise in 1993, after the crisis in the food industry. In 1997, the company received the JIPM Award “For Distinction in the Use of TPM”. The second stage of the development of TPM began in March 1998, together with structural adjustment, in order to make the enterprise profitable, convenient for employees who produce high-quality products and use modern technologies. In the transition from the first stage of development of TRM to the second, the number of accidental equipment failures decreased by 5%, the indicator of overall equipment efficiency increased to 93%, revenues increased 1.8 times.

The tea packing factory Unilever Brook Bond is part of the Unilever Best Foods firm (Great Britain). The company is located in Manchester, it constantly employs 420 people. It produces black tea in bags and packs. This is the most advanced tea packing industry in Europe and possibly the world. In the past 10 years, the company has mastered the release of a new product – tea in pyramid-shaped bags. The introduction of TPM allowed us to increase productivity by 23%, reduce production waste by 84%, and reduce the average cost of processing a ton of tea leaf by 18%.

Pirelli plant (Hoechst, Odenwald) is engaged in the production of tires for cars. The first steps to implement TPM were taken here in 1993. Among other things, the workers were trained in the independent maintenance of machines and plants. Thanks to this, it was possible to significantly reduce the number of breakdowns during the operation of equipment, significantly reduce the level of marriage, reduce the cost of ongoing equipment repair and maintain it in good condition. It turned out that about 600 installations where improvements were introduced have enormous untapped potential. Having reached step 11 of TPM2, the plant actually switched from servicing equipment to managing it. The deployment of TPM allowed the Pirelli plant in Hoechst to significantly improve many production and technical indicators and thereby increase its competitiveness.

Ford, Eastman Kodak, Harley Davidson, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Motorola, Philips, Bosch, Siemens, Kraft Foods and Colgate – all these well-known companies use TPM, which helps them to be leaders in their industries.

The first Ukrainian company, which knows firsthand what TPM is, is considered the food producer Chumak. Now, at three factories, companies produce and sell under the trademarks Chumak and Darina ketchups, mayonnaise, sauces, tomato paste, natural tomato juice, sunflower oil, canned vegetables and fruits.
The Kiev factory Tetra Pak was the first and only enterprise in Ukraine to receive the prestigious TPM Excellence Award certificate from the Japan Institute of Production Management (JIPM), a non-profit organization managed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Implementation of the TPM system requires a lot of effort and sufficient time, since it is still necessary to influence the psychology of the employees of the enterprise. But those who implemented this system at their home received tremendous results that have a strong influence on the competitive advantage in the global market.

The process of introducing TRM at Ukrainian enterprises in comparison with foreign countries is somewhat slowed down due to several reasons:

  • Firstly, the reluctance of workers to accept new changes, everyone is used to working without much effort.
  • Secondly, the lack of a leader and a minimum base rate. At this stage, it is necessary to change the motivation system, to determine the degree of personnel interest in the results of their work, it is necessary to increase the level of remuneration.

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