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Basic terms, objectives and task of maintenance and repair


Equipment – a set of units, machines, mechanisms and their components, which are arranged and controlled in such a way that they function as a whole to achieve the same goal.

Categorization is the process of distributing equipment into categories depending on the totality of its technical condition and the degree of influence on the implementation of the production program (criticality).

The operability of the equipment is the state of the object, in which it is able to perform a given function with the parameters established by the requirements of the regulatory and technical and design (project) documentation.

Technical condition – a set of equipment properties subject to change in the production or operation process, characterized at a certain point in time by the signs established by the technical documentation for this equipment.

Frequency of maintenance (repair) – the time interval or operating time between this type of maintenance (repair) and the next one of the same type or another, of greater complexity.

Operating time – duration or amount of work of an object for a certain period of time.

Depreciation is an economic mechanism for transferring the cost of equipment to products created with its participation (work performed, services rendered) and creating a source for simple reproduction.

Fundamentals of the maintenance and repair system:

1) Repair, duty and operating personnel must know and follow the rules of technical operation (PTE) of the equipment on which it works, as well as the production and job descriptions (PDI) in force at the enterprise.

2) All the equipment of the workshops is distributed by sections and assigned to specific persons of the operational, repair and duty personnel of the enterprise, who is responsible for its condition and serviceability in accordance with the production and job descriptions.

3) The equipment distributed to the sites is regularly, according to the schedules, subject to maintenance by the duty and operating personnel of the production departments in accordance with the PTE and PDI.

4) Equipment shutdown for scheduled repairs is carried out in accordance with the approved schedules of scheduled repairs, in accordance with the established frequency and duration of repairs. Repairs are carried out with high quality, in the planned volume with the maximum mechanization of repair work.

5) Systematic work is being carried out to modernize the equipment aimed at increasing its performance, reliability and durability, unification and normalization of units and parts.

6) The enterprise is provided with the necessary spare parts, assemblies, replaceable equipment, hardware, ropes and other materials necessary to carry out repairs and maintain equipment in good condition. To this end, it is planned to create a production base, develop procedures and rules for storing and accounting for spare parts, organizing a lubrication system for production departments and the enterprise as a whole.

7) A production base is organized for the preparation and implementation of repairs and overhaul maintenance, equipping it with the necessary equipment and tools, staffing, and the introduction of advanced technologies.

8) The company ensures the systematic maintenance of technical documentation, analyzes the operation of the equipment, determines the conformity of the design to the working conditions

9) An accounting of the operation and condition of equipment is organized, as well as an accounting and analysis of the costs of its maintenance and repair.

10) Periodic inspections of equipment are planned and carried out by engineering and technical personnel (ITR).

11) Standards for maintenance during the overhaul period, frequency and duration of scheduled repairs, labor intensity of repair work, consumption of materials during repairs, installation of a minimum level of spare parts, etc. are developed and implemented.

12) Improving the organization, regulation and stimulation of the work of repair service workers.

13) The personnel engaged in the maintenance and repair of equipment must comply with the rules of labor protection and industrial safety.

Objectives of the equipment maintenance and repair management process

  • Ensuring the working condition of the equipment, its safe and reliable operation.
  • Minimize the risks of sudden unplanned downtime due to breakdowns and equipment failures.
  • Prevention of emergency situations on equipment.
  • Prevention of premature wear of equipment components.
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining non-critical equipment by giving preference to critical equipment.
  • Segmentation of equipment by categories of criticality and technical condition in order to prioritize maintenance and repair.
  • Prioritization in the planning of repair and maintenance of equipment, depending on its technical condition and criticality.
  • Accumulation of statistical data on the identified defects and equipment failures to analyze the current situation and assess the technical condition.

The main tasks of the equipment maintenance and repair:

1) organization and implementation of maintenance and repairs of equipment in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents on labor protection and industrial safety;

2) timely, high-quality development and transfer to work of regulatory documents for the preparation and production of maintenance, current and overhaul of equipment:

3) timely and high-quality control of the technical condition of the equipment using modern means of technical diagnostics and regulatory and technical documents;

4) carrying out timely, high-quality technical maintenance and repairs of equipment in accordance with the approved schedules using regulatory and technical documents (maintenance cards, cards for repair work on equipment);

5) control of compliance by repair personnel with safety requirements and work technology contained in maintenance cards and cards for the performance of repair work on equipment when performing maintenance and repair of equipment.

The MRO system is a set of interconnected means, documentation for maintenance and repair, personnel, as well as material resources necessary to maintain and restore the quality of units or their components.

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