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Overview of the interaction of an industrial helmet (tablet) with the SmartEAM system


Asset management with innovative devices.

An industrial helmet is an important element of industrial safety.

Smart device (helmet) RealWear HMT-1 has the capabilities of augmented reality, fully voice-controlled, simple, intuitive interface, allows you to organize communication, including video, provides access to documentation and instructions, helps navigate, visualizing IoT data, all this helps to preserve and increase maximum labor productivity.

Compared with a tablet or smart glasses, the HMT-1 helmet is faster, safer and smarter. The video shows how the device interacts with the SmartEAM system.

What teams were able to implement for an industrial helmet using the SmartEAM system:

  • Designing individual pages adapted for display on the RealWearHMT-1 screen, with hardware information sections
  • Adding commands to navigate to specific sections of hardware information
  • Adding voice commands and corresponding visual indications for performing individual actions in the application: adding an application, viewing attached photos, searching for equipment and applications, going to inspections, authentication, logging out
  • A page adapted for the device to view graphs and the last loaded value of the parameters of operational statistics of equipment integrated with sensors
  • Development of a separate screen for adding a maintenance request, adapted for display on the RealWearHMT-1 screen, with the ability to control voice commands
  • Development of the ability to enter a password and user login by scanning a QR code
  • Development of an interface, screens and voice commands for performing inspections of equipment: “show inspections by equipment”, “next indicator”, “previous indicator”, for indicators of type YES / NO – commands “value YES”, “value NO”, for indicators of type SCORES 1-5 – commands “value 1”, “value 2”, “value 3” …
  • The ability to view detailed information on MRO requests on a separate screen adapted for the device: goods and materials on request, operational plan, contact information on the applicant, responsible, contractor, execution line
  • The ability to interact with the application and carry out the operational plan of the application using voice commands

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