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A small device with a great future. New version of Google Glass for business


The small device in the photo is the new Google Glass Enterprise Edition, designed for business tasks. With their help, you can significantly speed up workflows. Points as much as possible simplify access to the information and allow to be constantly in touch, at the same time without holding hands.

SmartEAM and IT-Enterprise were among the first to get into the partner program of software developers for this device. We received several sets of devices that are not yet available to the market.

Earlier we talked about this device read here.

Even the simplest built-in functions can help your employees perform their work tasks more efficiently:

  • Receive tasks and urgent messages
  • Shooting of work on especially important objects
  • Record and use video instructions
  • Read barcode and QR codes
  • You can control the device by voice, using the touch panel on the handle, eye movement.

We have already started developing applications and will show you how this works in practice.

google glass

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