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TPM is one of the lean manufacturing tools


TPM is one of the lean manufacturing tools and is a management concept for manufacturing equipment aimed at improving the efficiency of maintenance.

The purpose of this concept is the complete elimination of all losses associated with equipment failure, the time of its readjustment and adjustment, the elimination of failures, the decrease in performance, defective components, and commissioning.

The term “general maintenance” in the title of this concept implies the inclusion in the process of increasing the efficiency of equipment not only of various company services (supply, logistics, administration, personnel management), but also the involvement of operators in maintenance and maintenance work.

Basic maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubricating, daily inspection, are standardized and are the responsibility of the operators. Thus, the chief mechanic’s service employees are exempt from routine operations and can be more efficient and effective in operations requiring their high competencies.

However, like any other tool, TPM must be used consciously. You can meet the slogan “TRM – zero defects, zero losses.” It is necessary to distinguish between defects and functional failures of equipment, as well as evaluate the role of equipment and its criticality for production, before building tactics for its maintenance. That is, TPM – as a methodology for attracting operators to care and basic operations for equipment maintenance and as a tool for eliminating losses – is good. And following the slogan “Zero defects, zero losses” without taking into account the chosen maintenance strategy is bad.

The TPM system is based on 8 principles that can effectively eliminate the loss associated with equipment maintenance. These principles are sometimes called the “8 pillars of TPM.” The figure shows the main losses in maintenance, which are divided into three large groups:

  • Loss of equipment operating time
  • Loss of working time
  • Loss of energy, raw materials

The best practices for eliminating most of these losses are the 8 principles of TPM and another lean manufacturing tool – 5S.

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