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Monitoring the status of equipment in a smartphone


The expanded functionality and capabilities of the SmartEAM mobile application, as well as a video clip of what it consists of and what the interface looks like:

1. Electronic passport of equipment
1.1 General information about the equipment
1.2 factors of utilization, availability and efficiency of equipment
1.3 Active and archive maintenance work
1.4 Adding a new service request
1.5 Equipment Maintenance Strategies
1.6 Equipment Inspection Data
1.7 Online equipment performance monitoring (IIoT)
1.8 Used resources and their turnover
1.9 Viewing attachments of documents (drawings, instructions, passports, photographs, …)
1.10 Viewing Scheduled Equipment Inspections
2. Equipment base
2.1 View the entire list of equipment
2.2 Viewing equipment assigned to me
2.3 Adding and viewing equipment in a favorite list
3. Service requests
3.1 Adding a new application
3.2 View a general list of jobs for all equipment
3.3 Application Management
3.3.1 Phase management of a business process
3.3.2 Time management
3.3.3 Selecting a maintenance card
3.3.4 Details of the list of works and resources from the TO map
3.3.5 Create work order
3.3.6 Event Detailing
3.3.7 Chat with job applicant
3.3.8 View a list of operations
3.3.9 Fixing the beginning and end of work for each operation
3.3.10 View the list of resources required for the work
3.3.11 View attached photos and documents to work
4. Equipment inspections
4.1 Viewing the general list of inspections for all equipment for each day
4.2 Entering numerical, ball, logical values ​​of the equipment diagnostic parameters
4.3 Viewing parameter graphs for the entire history, displaying the green, yellow and red zones of parameter values
4.4 Automatic creation of requests for preventive maintenance according to parameters outside the green zone
4.5 Adding Photos to Inspections
4.6 Change inspection date
4.7 Measurement adjustment lock
4.8 Viewing inspection reports
4.9 Cancellation of examinations with reason
4.10 Detailing the reasons for the deviation of the parameters
5. Technology control
5.1 Viewing technological parameters of equipment operation (values, graphs)
6. General functionality
6.1 Differentiation of access to application functions and data
6.2 Multilingualism
6.3 Support for offline work
6.4 Adaptability to the screen of any device
6.5 Work on any platform
6.6 Possibility of launching by QR code with options for setting general and hidden information without authorization

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