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How does the EAM system affect enterprise profitability?


What is needed for a successful business?

The work of any enterprise can be estimated by the following indicators: profitability, profitability, profitability and efficiency. Factors affecting these indicators:

  • level of management;
  • сompetence of management and managers;
  • product competitiveness;
  • the level of organization of production and labor;
  • labor productivity;
  • state and efficiency of production and financial planning;
  • condition of fixed assets.

система ЕАМ


The asset management system (EAM) optimizes business processes, gives full information about the results of operations, identifies weak links in production processes, increases staff productivity and personal interest, as employees clearly see the results of their actions. The system helps to justify the necessary inventory and reduce them to reasonable limits, without freezing the funds by buying spare parts and reduces the cost of storing them.

In general, the system helps to foresee accidents and takes less time to resolve them. By competent maintenance of equipment, we achieve an increase in the reliability coefficient and service life.

Also, an effectively functioning system affects the expansion of the consumer base. In conditions of high competition, customers want to receive their goods on time and in the required quantity, and unexpected accidents not only bring losses from underproduction, but also greatly increase the risk of not meeting customer expectations or losing at all. The most well-coordinated work of the company increases the level of trust, and also makes the company advanced in its field.

Flexible implementation of the management system, full-fledged and qualified technical support, competent integration with other systems in the enterprise, adaptation to current legislation, and this is not the whole list of advantages of this solution.

Each company will sooner or later have to choose a system for automating business processes, management and accounting. All criteria are very difficult to consider, especially when you have no experience. It is better not to rely on the actions of competitors or friends. But the answer is unequivocal, it needs to be done in order to maintain competitive ability.


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