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How digital technology will change our lives


“What is the coming day preparing for us”?

This question interests everyone. Of the analytical works on this subject, probably the most famous and authoritative is the work of Stanislav Lem Sum of technologies. She came out more than half a century ago, and you yourself can see how right the great writer and philosopher was.

We draw attention to one of Lem’s theses, he discusses fears that robots will displace people from the production sphere and people will be left out of work: “The picture [this] is false because it involves replacing human labor with machine labor that blocks man all the way, meanwhile this is just the opposite. Such a replacement will probably be made, but it will open new paths. This will not be a substitute in the narrow sense that digital machine programmers will replace workers and technicians, because future generations of machines, new types of machines will no longer need programmers. It will not be just a replacement of some old professions with others, but a profound revolution, perhaps equal to the turning point during which the anthropoids turned into people. ”

There are Luddites who smashed the first looms, fearing that they would be left without work. As you can see, these fears turned out to be false (Luddites). Light industry is booming and can not do without people.

Now another recognized genius of our time, Professor Michio Kaku, a popularizer of science, a theoretical physicist, one of the authors of String Theory, is actively speaking out on this subject. We are talking about the near future, within a few decades.

The most interesting theses:

  • Science and technology are developing in waves.
    There were 3 waves:
  • Steam engine, industrial revolution. Century of cars.
  • Electricity and magnetism. Century of electricity.
  • Laser and transistors. Century of high technology.
  • Now is the 4th wave. Physics at the molecular level, namely: nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology. The digital age is beginning. The oil of the future is data.
  • Communication on the Internet will change dramatically. Not words and pictures will be transmitted, but directly feelings and thoughts, directly from the brain to the brain.
  • There have been successful experiments in recording short-term memories of mice. These memories are then “poured” back, forming false memories, incl. and modified. Just like martial arts skills are loaded into the brain in the movie The Matrix.
  • The Pentagon has announced a competition for an apparatus that will correct the memories of soldiers who suffered mental trauma during the fighting.
  • Already, the exoskeleton is connected directly to the brain. The 2014 World
  • Cup was opened by a completely paralyzed person in such an exoskeleton.
  • There are experiments to restore the image that a person sees with MRI.
    Transformations in the labor market.
  • Occupations assuming routine, monotonous work will wither away. For example, the profession of a low-level accountant, cashier, assistant lawyer.
  • There will remain professions related to communicating with people and professions that require conceptual or creative thinking.
  • The Internet will create new jobs related to intellectual capital.
  • Revolution in jurisprudence: it will be possible to get advice from a computer at any time of the day, in any language and taking into account local specifics.
    Thanks to virtual reality, the teaching of history and engineering will change. For example, when studying history, the student will be immersed in the reality of the corresponding era.
    The work of the teacher will radically change. Learning will focus on concepts, not on remembering facts.
  • Silicon Valley will lose relevance. Moore’s law ceases to be fulfilled, a slowdown is already visible. Over time, the curve will go to the “shelf”. It is time for quantum computers. Therefore there will be a quantum valley. Microsoft, Google, Intel are working on a quantum computer.
    The revolution in medicine
  • Diagnostics will occur automatically. It will be enough just to swallow a pill with nanorobots, which they themselves will examine the whole body.
  • Nano-robots instead of drugs. A nanorobot will only kill certain cells.
  • Nanotechnology for the destruction of cancer cells is already in the testing phase.
  • Growing organs from your own cells, with your own DNA. The skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, ears, noses, trachea, blood vessels are already really grown. On the way – the liver, parts of the kidneys.
    Breakthroughs in Gerontology
  • There is already an understanding of the aging process. This is the accumulation of genetic “garbage” plus an integrated genetic clock. A gene has been discovered that includes the aging process. And an enzyme was found that turns off this gene.
  • Enzymes have already been discovered that stop the aging of blood and skin cells, making them immortal. The current problem is that malignant cells are becoming immortal as well.
  • Currently, the life of experimental mammals and primates is extended by 30%.
    People will be able to genetically design their children.
  • They will fly. The first commercial flying car will be available soon. UAE is already negotiating the purchase of a batch of flying cars.
  • Cars will be intelligent. We can communicate with our car, give him assignments (for example, “park somewhere and meet me at the entrance in 2 hours”) and even argue with him.
    Social sphere
  • Capitalism will become more honest because it will be harder to fool buyers. Demand and supply will be balanced. The embryos of ideal capitalism – Amazon and B2B
  • Not material, but intellectual capital will come to the fore.
  • Products will be manufactured by 3D printer directly on the spot, in the store, according to the wishes of the client.
  • Now the level of development of advanced robots at the level of a cockroach. Such a robot cannot have common sense and such a robot will not understand why the water is wet, and the mother is necessarily older than her daughter. He cannot even be a garbage man, because will not distinguish garbage from something useful.
  • By the end of the 21st century, robots will reach the level of a monkey, which, unlike a cockroach, is aware of itself. And in the 22nd century, robots may gain self-awareness.
  • Flights to outer space will become publicly available (although at first they will be expensive).
  • And the cherry on the cake: in 500 years, teleportation and the time machine will become a reality.
    The review is based on presentations by Michio Kaku from open sources on the Internet.
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