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Interpipe NTRP and maintenance


Interpipe NTZ: detailed information and modernization of the diagnostic system in the KPC

At Interpipe NTZ, the maintenance system was implemented and launched in 2017. First, in the basic configuration, then many aspects were finalized for the specifics of equipment and production. Repair service specialists continue to make suggestions. So the refinement process is ongoing. In general, today 7870 units of equipment have been introduced into the system.

At INTERPIPE NTZ in the maintenance department, 200 repair requests are processed per week. 50 comments on equipment operation per day.

Deputy Head of the Interpipe NTZ Repair Department:

“Today, all maintenance and technological services related to equipment maintenance work in the maintenance department. Comments and requests for repairs also pass through this system. At INTERPIPE NTZ there are 2 levels of diagnostics. The first level is diagnosed in the workshops. Using the instruments, vibration pens and The readings of the perimeter are carried out.The diagnostics of the second level are carried out by a small specialized department.

For 2019-2020, it is planned to modernize the diagnostic system of the rolling mill. Data on the operation of the mill will be collected automatically using special sensors. All information will be available online. This will allow process staff to make more precise adjustments, and repair staff to understand the status of equipment in real time. ”

Engineer SGI Interpipe NTZ (maintenance maintenance):

“Since June 2018, we launched the project and created a working group to detail information on the equipment. To paint each unit in more detail, down to small indivisible parts and assemblies. This improves the traceability of replacement of goods and materials. We see where and with what frequency replacement of parts, which of them are more often out of order. This will allow us to expand equipment statistics and rationally plan repairs. “

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