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Innovative technologies. What plans to introduce SmartEAM in 2019

  • RFID-метки. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification — radio frequency identification) is a contactless data exchange technology based on the use of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. RFID is used to automatically identify and record objects. RFID technologies are used in various business areas.

The advantage of RFID over other methods of identification is the exception of fake RFID tags, which are able to read information from tagged objects at a distance of more than 15 meters. The ability of group accounting of objects, resistance to environmental influences and the repeated use of RFID tags.

  • NFC tags. NFC tags have great potential. The main advantage of NFC compared to other wireless technologies is low cost and the ability to use in a wide range of tasks. And given the simplicity of the scheme and a small number of elements, labels can be produced in large quantities at low cost.
  • IoT – Industrial Internet of Things allows not only to improve the quality of technical support of equipment using advanced telemetry tools, but also to provide a transition to a new business model of its operation, when the equipment is paid by the customer upon the use of its functions.

What we plan to focus on:

Data storage and processing architecture:

  • Data visualization tools
  • Tools for processing and cleaning data
  • Storage media

Integration with EAM module

Statistical forecasting tools

  • OEE calculation is a task to make a quickly implemented boxed solution.

Calculations of the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) help to see how efficiently you use equipment, and also to identify the most significant and common sources of efficiency loss, the elimination of which is the goal of lean manufacturing.

  • RMD – plans to continue the development of RMD interfaces with the main focus on user experience (continued movement to simple and understandable interfaces)

Currently, there are the following interfaces in RMD:

  • MRO applications
  • MRO orders
  • Equipment tree
  • Inspection plans
  • Equipment downtime
  • Mailings to incidents (informing system) – The specificity of the work of most modern enterprises requires prompt response to failures or deterioration of the equipment because its downtime can be very expensive. After analyzing the situation in enterprises and the ways of communication of specialists, when there is a need for quick notification about the occurrence of an incident with equipment, urgent tasks or to remind an employee that he has an incomplete task, we understood that everyone uses mobile devices. Therefore, we made decisions to add messaging functions to the system in the instant messenger, mail services, mobile devices, even without logging in to the system.

When it is advisable to organize such a newsletter:

  • In case of accidents / failures
  • In case of urgent tasks or re-planning of current
  • If tasks are not fulfilled within the allotted time
  • Mobile apps – with simple features to increase responsiveness, convenience and accessibility. Understanding this, we are actively developing the direction of developing high-quality mobile applications.
  • Integration with external data sources. Every day machine learning and predictive services increasingly pervade business processes of enterprises, every day there are new needs to optimize the approach to planning, tracking, forecasting and visualizing data for ease of analysis. To solve these problems, many specialists use calendars, maps, GPS systems, data collection, accumulation and forecasting services on a daily basis. Therefore, we set ourselves the task of integrating with some of the most common services that will benefit our customers:
  • – Google Calendar – integration with this service will allow you to display and change the execution time of scheduled maintenance and repairs on the Google calendar. Firstly, it will allow you to conveniently track the planned work and, if necessary, adjust the deadlines, and secondly, it will introduce the BYOD approach (bring your own device) that is gaining popularity around the world when specialists use their own devices to perform work tasks. This increases employee loyalty and, in general, increases work productivity.
  • – Google Maps – everyone is already accustomed to working with Google Maps, so we decided that it would be convenient for employees to plan their work at geographically distributed sites using Google maps. If there is a task to build the best route, taking into account the transport situation in your city, you can build the best route to the objects on which you need to work today using the Google Map service where the objects from our system will be displayed.
  • Weather services – there are many works, the planning and implementation of which depends on weather conditions. Therefore, to ensure the possibility of planning and forecasting the amount of work that depends on the weather in the system, integration with weather services will soon be carried out. After that, it will be more convenient to plan:
    Preparation of equipment / equipment before changing the weather (for example, replacement of oils, tires, etc.)
    Works under bad weather conditions (for example, melting ice on wires of power lines, cleaning solar panels from snow or dust)
    Changing the schedule of work volumes depending on weather conditions (for example, harvesting was suspended due to bad weather (automatic fixation of equipment downtime, cancellation of repair crews on power lines and open waste devices due to thunderstorms)
  • GPS – integration with the GPS systems of enterprises will allow you to monitor the location of the repair facility, record the operating time and fuel consumption with reference to the coordinates, as well as promptly repair or maintain in case of equipment failure. For vehicles with on-board computers, there will be the possibility of fixing the appearance of malfunctions and unit failures in relation to the site, and accordingly to the specific task being performed at this time and to the operator of the equipment, which will allow to find the root causes of equipment failure, analyze best operating practices and plan the optimal maintenance strategy technology.
  • fly-радар – интеграция с сервисом позволит отслеживать полеты бортов самолетов, а соответственно планировать объемы работ, которые должны быть произведены по прилету в аэропорт, а также фиксировать длительность полетов, а также дополнительную информацию, если она предоставляется сервисом.

The SmartEAM team, namely: implementers, developers, consultants, constantly looks forward to the future and tries to offer the client the most advanced, necessary products and, first of all, with a proven economic effect.

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