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In which industry is it especially important to use the EAM system?


Is it worth considering the specifics of the industry when implementing the EAM system?

There is only one answer – it does not matter whether it is pharmaceuticals, or aviation or energy, the approaches to equipment maintenance are the same. But the equipment, even at the same enterprise, has different methods.

How to be?

In modern production, RCM (Reliability-centered Maintenance) has long been rooted – an approach to equipment maintenance aimed at ensuring reliability. Companies are tired of losing money on downtime, accidental accidents, and blind planning and are therefore adapting to new methodologies.

RCM places great emphasis on maintenance that impacts performance. In other words: an investment in maintenance is an investment in manufacturing quality.

Its main advantage is its versatility. It suits any industry, because it works with any type of equipment.

Nevertheless, domestic companies are in no hurry to innovate. They either do not see a clear efficiency from investments in technology, or they think that it is difficult to implement new principles for the existing equipment. And in vain, because year after year new cases of RCM-approaches implementation appear.

In which industry is it especially important to use the EAM system?

Business leaders are often lost in reports, excel-tables and paper documentation related to the operation of equipment. When data is scattered randomly, understanding the trends and risks in equipment operation is not worth talking about.

Here we will analyze the nuances of the well-coordinated operation of equipment in several industries and explain how to see the whole picture of the enterprise and save on maintenance of the units.


When the production capacity is at its maximum, the equipment works efficiently. Downtime, unplanned accidents or complete outages are fraught with missed deadlines, reputational losses and costs.

Planning, production and sales of products – everything should be controlled by a single system that will show the complete picture of the equipment operation in production. Given the stringency of domestic and European standards (like GMP), sudden accidents at any stage – be it new product development or quality control – guarantee huge financial losses.

Heavy industry

For industrial plants that handle thousands of machines at the same time, it is critical to manage equipment health. Downtime and unplanned accidents are too expensive to ignore.

Regardless of the production strategy – warehouse, custom, outsourcing or project work – the competent management of different types of equipment is at the heart of success and profitability.

To increase the reliability of the equipment and save on its maintenance, it is necessary to collect, structure and manage data about it. And while the transition from paper to digital will take time, the quick return on investment justifies this IT investment.

Cable production

Cable manufactures often deal with a wide assortment, where the uninterrupted operation of the units plays a key role. Managers and engineers often do not see the real picture of equipment performance and cannot understand how it affects the company’s bottom line and expenses.

Increasing the service life of fixed assets, saving on equipment repairs and making it more efficient are the goals of any cable production, which cannot be achieved without modern technological solutions.


It is important for enterprises in this industry not only to increase profitability, but also to keep the bar on operational efficiency. For this, it is necessary not only to efficiently operate the equipment, but also to extend its service life, along with transparent reporting on its operation.

Difficulties arise when preventive, emergency and overhaul repairs need to be carried out at geographically distant sites. It is especially important here to receive timely information on the “health” of the equipment from them in order to promptly respond to breakdowns and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Case for cable and wire production

Predictive maintenance techniques come to the rescue of cable businesses – often in the form of an EAM system. Thanks to it, you can plan production every second, find hidden reserves to reduce costs and almost forget about unforeseen equipment downtime.

For example, the SmartEAM solution allows cable companies to save in several ways:

– calculation of downtime and selection of the optimal work schedule;

– acceleration of the approval of repairs and reduction of labor costs for their planning;

– planning diagnostics;

– analysis of the root causes of equipment failures using the RCA technique (Root Cause Analysis).

SmartEAM case in the energy industry

Another example: a few years ago the main assets of DonbassEnergo began to become obsolete. The number of accidents, unexpected breakdowns and downtime has increased. Equipment support costs increased so much that the enterprise needed to change its approach.

With the SmartEAM product, Slavyanskaya TPP began to automate business processes and save on equipment maintenance. As a result, the number of repairs has decreased, and the planned work is carried out based on the actual operating time of the unit. Repair statistics show the financial feasibility of repairing various units, and the management, accordingly, makes the most effective decisions.

The implementation of the EAM system not only increased the return on DonbassEnergo’s production assets, but also reduced the risk of accidents, unplanned downtime and total labor costs.


Products like SmartEAM are suitable for any industry, and methods are selected individually for each equipment. Due to the willingness to change and automation of turnkey equipment maintenance, enterprises save significant amounts of money. And as a result, they open up new sales markets, overtake competitors in productivity and grow calmly.

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