Job orders (permits-to-work)

SmartEAM has a dedicated system of hazard work permits. The business process for creating work permits describes the sequence of steps necessary to comply with safety regulations and ensure the protection of workers performing the jobs. The system allows you to add instructions and other regulatory documents in accordance with the established procedures.

In Smart EAM, you can issue all key types of work permits, such as:

  • General Work Permit – authorization for work not specified in the categories below;
  • Hot Work Permit – authorization for work with a high risk of inflammation or on locations with flammable vapors;
  • Height Work Permit – authorization for work at the height of over 2 meters above ground level;
  • Confined Space Permit – work inside bunkers, wells, containers, reservoirs, pipes, etc. with access to workplace through special hatches, doors or openings;
  • Excavation Work Permit – work including soil excavation, movement, laying and compaction;
  • Electrical Work Permit – work related to the connection of electrical networks and electrical equipment;
  • Special Hazard Work Permit – authorization for hazardous work in various industries, such as the nuclear power industry;
  • Chemical Work Permit – authorization for work with harmful chemicals or in a chemically hazardous atmosphere.

The flexibility of Smart EAM allows you to create work permits in any form depending on the requirements of regulatory documents.

System functionality:

  • Creating work permits bound to work requests;
  • A repository of standard work permits with a possibility to create new work permit templates.


  • Software module for creating work permits;
  • Business intelligence tools to analyze statistics for the issued permits.