In general, artificial intelligence is used to automate production to the point where human involvement is virtually eliminated. This is a major trend already embraced by manufacturing companies in various industries.

Artificial intelligence and data processing

This is a large cluster of technologies aimed at improving the processes of collection, processing, analysis and storage of production data. It includes machine vision and machine learning, big data and cloud computing, artificial neural networks and other AI-based software solutions.
Giants like Siemens are investing tens of billions of dollars in integrating artificial intelligence technologies. Among the most notable developments are Mindsphere, IBM’s Watson Analytics and Click2Make. These products and the like allow you to control the technical condition of assets, adjust resource costs and automate processes.

AI-based software solutions provide many benefits:

  • Efficient product quality control;
  • Production optimization;
  • Predicting failures and downtime;
  • Improving working conditions and staff safety;
  • Reduction of harmful impact on the environment;
  • Rapid adaptation to market changes;
  • Logistics optimization;
  • Proving customer support.

Efficient data handling is the shortest way to turn your business into a Smart Factory. Even if you are already at the forefront of the digital transformation, there is still room for more innovation. You can always find the right solution from SmartEAM to enjoy higher production efficiency in the near future.