Resource Planing
Resource Planing

Analysis of maintenance data (BI, KPI)

Managers at different levels of the company can quickly and reasonably make management decisions using information obtained from the module, where they receive a structured set of data in the form of tables, graphs, charts, forecasts and trends that are necessary for the effective management of the OPF.

You can view this data not only on stationary workstations of the system, but also on portable mobile devices.

Functionality of the system:

  • Analysis of the implementation of the maintenance schedule
  • Analysis of equipment in operation
  • Analysis of the filling of technical places with equipment and units
  • Analysis of maintenance orders
  • Analysis of TMC applications
  • Analysis of operational statistics
  • Analysis of maintenance costs, numbered nodes
  • Analysis of equipment downtime
  • Analysis of the movement of numbered nodesInstruments:
  • BI data presentation form